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Why the World Needs Mining?

Patrick Smith



To highlight how critical mining industry is & to shed some light on the situation to our way of life, about why mining stands to be around for a very long time & about the importance of it I’ve shared my opinion below:

From a basic statement, we need to start:

Without mining, this modern word can’t function; for all kinds of construction, machinery, fertilizers, turbines, wind, solar panels, energy towers, cars, and cell phones, mineral products are essential components.

According to the information institute of US, as an example, in the US almost 0.04 metric tons of platinum, two metric tons of palladium, 3.9 metric tons of gold, 46 metric tons of silver and 2,100 metric tons of copper contain by annually retired cell phones (almost 130 million). To build such devices, this material can be recycled most of the time, into perspective; it puts the number of minerals required for this purpose. JXSC factory provides all kinds of mining equipment to make sure that it takes less effort to mine.

For an essential value chain, the mining industry is just a starting point. According to the World Economic Forum and it’s another study, the whole metals and mining industry moves the economy of 1 trillion-dollar.

The income growth, urbanization, and population will demand more consumer products, cars, and buildings, thereby for mined products, increasing the needs as of this growth’s building blocks.

For mining activities, urbanization is a growth force

Around the use of subtitles in mining activities for a potential decline in one of the arguments. Usually, by the other origins and their other products, a metal or mineral product is being substituted. By carbon fiber, we’ve seen certain metals replaced, and by other fuels or gas sources, the coil replaced. However, regarding mineral and metal substitutions, there are limitations in general. A Yale study, in various customer products after the evaluation of numerous metals used, find the conclusion that: for all its significant uses, not one metal has a substitute of exemplary, and for each of its primary applications some of them are substitute that is inadequate or doesn’t exist at all.

For many developing countries, mining is an economic foundation. In the mining industry, at least 70 countries are dependent extremely according to ICMM (International Council on Metals & Mining), and to survive, most countries with low income need it. From a total direct investment of foreign mining accounts as much as 60% to 90% & in many countries with low-middle income, this same study shows that.

In breakthrough technologies, the highest mining companies have continued and made to make a considerable investment, such as sensing technologies, IoT (Internet of Things) and autonomous systems, the use of drones, simulation, and adaptative supply chain for the production and environmental management. Except for many operational benefits, the silent revolution also provide help to meet the demand by local communities and in the market to attract new professionals arriving to offer a sustainable operation for miners.

Patrick graduated from LSE with a degree in economics. He covered the City of London beat for a while for the Financial Times before deciding to go freelance. He has been published in Market Watch and is the author of Better Spread Betting - Trading For Fun & Profit.

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