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What is Email Marketing and What Mailing Tool to Use?

Patrick Smith



Its scope and effectiveness for sale are unquestionable; email marketing is one of the disciplines that every consultant should control perfectly. Today, most of the businesses, and especially those that live in the online world, have an email marketing strategy focused on branding and / or sales. As consultants, we must be able to assess their effectiveness and optimize resources to achieve the best results.

What is email marketing?

To know what email marketing is we will have to analyze the two concepts that compose it. On the one hand, email, which is an online communication channel, and on the other, marketing, which is the discipline in charge of analyzing the market to determine the necessary actions in order to capture, retain and retain customers through Satisfaction of your needs.

Therefore, email marketing can be considered as the art of using email as a communication channel between a company/brand and its customers or potential customers to sell, build loyalty, branding or support. The ideal is to use it as part of an online communication strategy, as another channel through which we want to obtain specific objectives but also relying on other tools and channels of communication with the user.

Already before the existence of social networks email marketing was used. Moreover, even some companies that have not yet succumbed to the world 2.0 of social networks and blogs, have long used email marketing as the main loyalty system often associated with loyalty cards in stores.

How to do free email marketing?

To send email marketing we must evaluate all available options and platforms like klaviyo experts agenc. Some will be free at the beginning if we do not have a large database because we are starting to develop it. So I encourage you to take advantage of these tools to start doing your first tests without having to invest or have any budget.

How to make an email marketing strategy?

Not everything comes down to sending email marketing. Behind there must be a strategy according to the objectives of the organization.

As we have indicated previously, the idea is that email marketing is part of a global campaign where all channels (web, social networks, advertising …) are taken into account, however, the steps to follow to plan a campaign of this nature would be:

Previous steps:

Objectives: what are the objectives of the company/brand? Do you want to attract new customers, retain current ones?

Database: do we already have a database? What is its status? What information do we have about users? And if we don’t have it, how can we generate one? What data will we need?

Strategy: what should be the way forward to achieve the objectives set and taking into account the database available?

Tactics: what concrete actions are going to be implemented? Are we going to create lead magnets? Are we going to make offers? Sales funnel etc.


  • Tools: what tools am I going to need? Which one is the best for my job?
  • Team: who is going to take care of the designs? Who of the content?
  • Calendar: when is the best time to implement it?
  • Measurement: how are we going to measure the results?


  • Design of emails: development of texts, images and assembly.
  • Campaign launch: sending emails, timing, etc.
  • Campaign reports: analysis and results reports.
  • Campaign optimization: improvements to be applied based on the results obtained.

Patrick graduated from LSE with a degree in economics. He covered the City of London beat for a while for the Financial Times before deciding to go freelance. He has been published in Market Watch and is the author of Better Spread Betting - Trading For Fun & Profit.

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