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The Seven Sins of Antoin Commane

Sarah Bentley



Antoin Commane is the owner of Coveria advertising agency and Don’t Die Wondering, an influencer magazine and society for parties and events in music, fashion, art and lifestyle.

Wrath – What makes you angry?

The ancient philosopher Aristotle said “To be angry is easy, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not easy.”

I like to think I’m very self-aware, choosing to use emotions instead of letting them use me.

There’s a good book called “The Upside Of Your Dark Side“ which talks about how positive emotions can only take you so far, becoming the observer of your emotions, the conscious observer behind your thoughts and emotions you can use anger in the right situations to propel you forward. For example using anger to get those extra reps in at the gym.

Greed – If all your food fantasies came true what would be on your Plate?

You know, this is going to sound strange but I’m rather past eating. If I didn’t have to eat anymore I’d be very happy. I really see it as a chore. I would prefer to eat just for social occasions or family gatherings. I don’t eat meat, and have a limited diet with very little sugar, so I really don’t have any food fantasies.

Sloth – What do you do to unwind?

I meditate twice a day every day, I try to read most days, working out and having a sauna is also great for unwinding. Attending a fun event, seeing friends and hosting a party. You’ve got to mix quality me time with socialising and having fun.

Pride – What are you most proud of?

I don’t think I’m a very proud person. I’m not doing that well with these sins am I… haha.

Lust – Is there anything that you are still lusting to achieve?

I’d like to make an 8 figure income within the next two years. I don’t have ambitions to be a billionaire or to chase money for money’s sake. I’m proving to my younger self that I can achieve these goals. With hard work I think it’s a reasonable ambition. Then my main lust is to travel and enjoy life. To enrich and empower the lives of the people around me and our brands, especially our employees and partners and clients, ensuring we’re living our best lives. That each day we’re living in our dreams and aspirations. Sending love and light out into the world.

Envy – who are you most envious of?

Wish others well. Their success will not limit yours. There’s no need to compare yourself to others. You’re only ever in competition with yourself as we all have unique strengths.

Gluttony – have you ever over indulged?

I have a soft spot for beautiful women. Who doesn’t?

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Sarah graduated from USC with a degree in Mass Communications and went straight to work as a freelance writer covering current affairs. After getting published in Forbes, Sarah did a brief stint at Vice before deciding that the freelance life was more suited to her. She started writing for The Fledged in 2018.

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