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SoClose Uses Instagram Close Friends and Celebrity Influence for Positive Social Change

Patrick Smith



New social media site, SoClose for Instagram Close Friends, is making a revolution with its social change initiatives. With the advent of social media, we have seen a growth in influencers and celebrities stemming from the platforms everybody seems to spend their day on. Yet a big barrier that exists is that these giant influencers don’t have the time or incentive to communicate with their fans with a closer personal  connection. Luckily, SoClose is coming to save the day with an enhanced ability to connect. By buying a monthly subscription access to your favorite celebrities and influencers fans are give access to the private Instagram  content visible via the green circle Close Friends 24 hour story . Along the way, SoClose will enable celebrities to donate a percentage of their subscriptions to charity and SoClose will match those donations to the charities of choice. Here’s why this is a gamechanger.

For one, as a new social media service, there’s not much more comforting news than donating part of revenues to charity. This gives influencers a platform of purpose for them to create real social change through actions and crowdfunding. Another key factor for  early adopter fans following celebrities they will  feel more excited about the  site, raising credibility and the overall chance for celebrities to use their influence for powerful social change. Users will know they are connecting with celebrities that have a   generous conscious mind and a  platform that cares about improving the environment around its fans.

Additionally, what is clearly an advantage here is that this will encourage charities and their constituents to join the platform in order to utilize it to organize and bolster their charitable campaigns. The charities will stem out to their charitable donors, sending them to SoClose as a landing page for their campaigns and potentially collaborate with established celebrities they know are actively looking to help cause positive social chance through crowdfunding charitable support. Then the ripple effect continues. Easily shareable, this encourages virality, especially when you have passionate people for important causes.

When there’s an industry that has faced disruption from a company without the values necessary to capitalize on that industry, a company with those values is like a breath of fresh air. SoClose will surely end up as the  first move advantage on a distinct style of relationship amongst celebrity subscription services. It separates them and allows a different brand to formulate in the industry. This is a key concept for new companies, you don’t want first movers to ruin your hopes and dreams. First movers, can actually help make them reality and create positive social change.

One of the main elements behind SoClose is the concept that by creating a global social media network, SoClose will be able to collaborate with powerful influencers not just to raise awareness  about social issues, but actually take action to create positive change. “Issues related to the environment, poverty, infectious diseases, and equality of global human rights will be just a few of the top global issues addressed with focus amongst “ says CEO and Founder Jason Swartz. This is HUGE news for social media, things are about to get viral, passionate and powerful.

Patrick graduated from LSE with a degree in economics. He covered the City of London beat for a while for the Financial Times before deciding to go freelance. He has been published in Market Watch and is the author of Better Spread Betting - Trading For Fun & Profit.

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