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Instagram Collaboration to Empower Entrepreneurs-sHerri Nourse and Her Personal Page @motivationmafia Are at the Forefront

Patrick Smith



MotivationMafia/Sherri Nourse uses instagram to build an empire and empower entrepreneurs. Her page has become the hub for entrepreneurs young, old, male and female to learn and come together to execute their plans and ideas.

One follower says, I got the motivation to take my ideas and bring them to fruition to a revenue generating company” through @motivationmafia and their team. I am very grateful.” Sherri Nourse is dominating the social media scene with authentic and genuine content filled with tools and opportunities for all walks. She is making an impact on lives through social media.

Patrick graduated from LSE with a degree in economics. He covered the City of London beat for a while for the Financial Times before deciding to go freelance. He has been published in Market Watch and is the author of Better Spread Betting - Trading For Fun & Profit.

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