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The Fledged is a 24/7 news site dedicated to bringing you unbiased, fact-based news from around the world. Our team of world-class journalists are dedicated to bringing you accurate and objective news, without political agendas or editorial bias. We aim to report the facts, combat fake and inaccurate news, and make the world a more informed place.

Our journalists have published on some of the biggest and most trusted news sites online, including CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, and Forbes.

Meet the Team

Kenneth Rice
Kenneth Rice - Chief Editor
Kenneth is a veteran journalist who started his career back in 1987 when journalists used ballpoint pens, notepads, and good old fashioned legwork to track down stories. He’s since embraced the digital tools his younger colleagues favor, but he refuses to move on from the core principles of journalism: fact-checking, protecting sources, and journalistic integrity.
Sarah Bentley
Sarah Bentley - Editor
Sarah graduated from USC with a degree in Mass Communications and went straight to work as a freelance writer covering current affairs. After getting published in Forbes, Sarah did a brief stint at Vice before deciding that the freelance life was more suited to her. She started writing for The Fledged in 2018.
Heather Flanaghan
Heather Flanaghan - Journalist
Heather cut her teeth as an entertainment journalist, covering red-carpet events and movie premieres on the balmy West Coast. She has interviewed several A-list celebrities for E! and other entertainment news outlets. She primarily covers entertainment, but from time to time, strays into current affairs.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith - Journalist
Patrick graduated from LSE with a degree in economics. He covered the City of London beat for a while for the Financial Times before deciding to go freelance. He has been published in Market Watch and is the author of Better Spread Betting - Trading For Fun & Profit.
Adam Spence
Adam Spence - Tech Journalist
Adam studied computer science at Fordham University before finding his groove in tech journalism. After a successful pitch got him published on, Adam traveled the world covering tech developments in Japan and elsewhere. He’s now a full-time journalist for The Fledged.